TRansdisciplinary rEsEarch approaches in Science and education 

When disciplinary boundaries become porous spaces that neither one thing nor another come into frame. These spaces, betwixt and between, invite curiosity and liminality of thought.

People | Rosanne Quinnell | Daniel Howell (PhD candidate) | Melinda Lewis (PhD candidate) | Rebecca LeBard | Rachel Thompson | Rebecca Cross | Yvonne Davila | Richard Basckin |


Current Projects (these pages under development):

| CampusFlora – mApps to support botanical literacy | Plants, People, PlaceDigitising Haswell’s zoologic collection | Biomaths – transference of maths anxiety into biology | CAMSID – sustainable agriculture in Cambodia; CAMsid Radio Podcast | positioning biology in transdisciplinary spaces | academic identity |

Teaching and Learning:

| OurFlora | BotanyOnline incl link to slidebox | Zoology Online incl link to slidebox | Human Biology slidebox |

*Transverse section rice stem stained with toluidine blue; section shows stellate aerenchyma cells.