Working in the ‘spaces in between’

Research projects include those where there is cooperation between species, collaborations across international borders, and disciplinary boundaries with the objective of establishing effective partnerships.

  • endosymbiotic systems – marine and terrestrial. Collaborators: Simon Davy, Anthony Larkum et al.
  • biomaths – transference of maths anxiety into biology and apparent low numeric confidence of biology students. Collaborators: Rebecca LeBard, Rachel Thompson et al.
  • scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) and what this looks like in disciplinary contexts. Collaborators: Melinda Lewis, Rebecca LeBard, Rachel Thompson, Jason Lodge et al.
    • from STEM to STEAM
  • students as partner researchers, and by extension ‘citizens as scientists’. Collaborators: Lindsey Gray, Richard Dimon, Lachlan Pettit, Caroline Cheung, Glenda Wardle et al.
  • international development, partnership between Cambodia and Australia. Collaborators: Daniel Tan, Daniel Howell, Rebecca Cross et al.
  • Using mApps to engage and educate
    • botanical literacy and CampusFlora
    • apps for Cambodian farmers
      • WeedID
      • PestID
Supplementary material for publications