The University of Sydney uses Aiforia for the purpose of facilitating online learning. 

This notice explains how your personal information will be managed when you use Aiforia. 

You are not required to create a user account to use Aiforia and will access the platform using a url. 

When you use Aiforia, the following system and statistical information will be collected from you: 

  • web browsers and operating systems used 
  • date, time, number, and duration of visits 
  • geographical location of visits 
  • pages viewed 
  •  links, buttons, or other items that you click 
  • domains of traffic origin 

Aiforia uses both first-party cookies (set by Aiforia) and third-party cookies through Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and HubSpot. 

System and statistical information will be anonymised and used to provide your access to Aiforia and improve the Aiforia platform. 

If you provide personal information voluntarily (for example by signing up to the Aiforia newsletter), Aiforia may, with you consent, tie your website usage to your individual record using cookies and tags. 

You can limit the use of cookies by updating your browser settings or using a private browsing window. 

Your personal information will not be shared unless you have given consent or where authorised or required by law. 

If you have concerns about using Aiforia, please speak with Rosanne Quinnell as this may affect your ability to complete Botany, BIOL2030/2930. 

For more information about how we will handle your personal information, how you can request to access or correct the personal information we hold about you, and who to contact if you have a privacy enquiry or complaint, please see our privacy webpage.