• Dulwich Hill, Australia 13 May 2020

  • 1. Starting one of three daily walks which break up my day into chunks. The day on zoom simultaneously goes fast and slow and is exhausting. Being constantly in the presence of others a sense it’s walking that keeps me grounded..I have Edgar Winters Freeride in my headphones “cmon and take a free ride, yeah yeah yeah yeah!”
    Travelled for 8 minutes
    2. Here on this bridge a whole colony of bats fly over at six every evening from the caves along the river to the blue mountains while me and my partner and dog stand and watch then go hone cook a nice dinner and watch The Walking Dead on Netflix. The paradox. In my headphones now Barracuda by Heart and my dog is pulling me to keep moving
    Travelled for 5 minutes
    3. Here a runner stops to cross to avoid coming close. No eye contact. I watch her up the road pass walkers by running on the road as there is little traffic. Meanwhile now “Riders on the Storm” by the Doors in my ears “take a long holiday…killer on the road”
    Travelled for 6 minutes
    4. This tree is what they call “sublime” and I see it many times a day and wonder at it. I read that sublime is now suspect but that’s rubbish. I’ve tried to draw trees but my daughter is an art student and better than me. Last night me and my partner talked about doing a course ..meanwhile in my ears “La Grange” by ZZ Top
    Travelled for 6 minutes
    5. Yesterday we saw three ambulances here attending to someone but can’t find out what on the news? Why three? This is the golf course and the public are angry they take all the city green space. Yesterday a golfer told us to get off the course. We ignored him and quietly laughed. Jethro Tull “A New Day Yesterday An Old Day Now”
  • Travelled for 6 minutes
    6. People just standing and looking at trees. Talking and catching up. The park is the new pub and cafe and it makes me happy. The bongo entry from Santana Oye Como Va does too. What an amazing track with the steaming B3 and screaming guitar.
    Travelled for 7 minutes
    7. Cute house on the way back and the porch is the new epidermis. The border between ourselves and others and the windows the new eyes. New borders new relational selves. And the majestic beginning to Led Zep Kashmir begins..”all will be revealed”
    Travelled for 9 minutes
    8. But yeh the walk always ends here at the cafe where people still live and breathe and say hi and there is a community. This cafe now sells rice and veggies and toilet paper and the owner adapted and smiles. And in my ears AC/DC If you want blood..you got it.
  • Trip finished