Links to three papers

Lewis, M. & Quinnell, R. 2021. Marginalising imposterism: An Australian case study proposing a spectrum of tendencies that frame academic identities. In: Addison, M., Breeze, M. & Taylor, Y. (eds.). ‘Imposter Syndrome’ in Higher Education: Palgrave. In press. Imposterism_prePrint

Quinnell, R., Troy, J. & Poll, M. 2020. The Sydney Language on Our Campuses and in Our Curriculum. In: Frawley, J., Russell, G. & Sherwood, J. (eds.). Cultural Competence and the Higher Education Sector: Australian Perspectives, Policies and Practice. Singapore: Springer Singapore.  (4.6k downloads; 1 citation as of Feb 2022)

Quinnell, R. 2019. Shifting from STEM to STEAM – reflecting on academic identity and scholarship. International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education Special Issue: When Science Meets the Arts: Bridging the Subjective – Objective Divide, 27(7), 1-9.


Researchers* Affiliation (year appointed Prof) h-index*
Professor Education (since 2014)  Macquarie University  (Medical education) 10
Quinnell, Rosanne  The University of Sydney (Biology Ed) 9
Professor Education (since 2014) Queensland University of Technology (Maths education 9
Professor Education (since 2014)  Deakin University (Early education) 7
Professor Education (since 2014) University of Southern Queensland (Art education) 7
Professor Education (since 2018)  Queensland University of Technology (Digital learning) 4
Professor Education (since 2018) Aarhus University (Denmark**) (Workplace learning/counselling) 4
Professor Education (since 2015)  Aarhus University (Denmark**) (Education theory) 3

*Scopus data; research field ‘education’. 

**Education scholars in Denmark, like education scholars in Australia, position their research across two dominant research frames: the UK education literature (focused on evidence-based practices) and North American education literature (founded in education psychology).

Comparison Research outputs:

  • Since my last promotion (2017 – now; 5 years) and the previous promotion period (2010 – 2016; seven years).
  • Records of invention, book chapters, journal articles, conference proceedings have all increased despite the disruptions due to Covid.

Leadership in mApp research and development:

2017. CampusFlora. Shortlisted International ReImagine Higher Education award for Sustainability App

2017. Quinnell R., Pye M, Cheung C, Pettit L, Briscoe L. OurFlora: ONPRIME “On Innovation”: CSIRO. 

2016. CampusFlora. Shortlisted International ReImagine Higher Education award for Education App

In the news:

  1. 2021: Innovation to intensify, diversify Cambodian rice farms. Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research. NEWS. 31 March, 2021. [Link to Podcasts]
  2. 2017. What’s that weed in my rice field? The University of Sydney. News article about the WeedID app for Cambodian farmers.