This Place

This Place was the theme of GARABARALA! in 2022. It was apt to focus on “this place”, the physical University, as were slowing emerging from the constraints of COVID restrictions and working to re-tether ourselves back to ‘place’.


Gadi (Xanthorrhoea, grass tree) are the signature plantings of the University of Sydney main campus, noting this campus is on the unceded land of the Gadi people.  Here, ‘Gadi’ was rendered as a sequence of four notes, and via a plant-human-place collaboration, used to bathe the main quad on an overcast morning in November, 2022. This work, and the ngarigo snow song, were presented at Sydney Environment Institute “nature feelz” symposium, 2022 (reworked as an article for SEI magazine).

Quinnell, R., Troy, J., Evans, J., Cross, R. and Chan, G. (2023). This Place. Overwhelmed: Ecological emotions and the climate crisis Sydney Environment Institute. 7: 14-15.










Ngarigo snow song

Becoming with plants

Plants as scholarly partners is one way to describe plant science research. This description is inadequate as there is so much more to the experience of having plants as research subjects, or plants as scholarly focus. Conversations with two artists and how they connect with the botanical elements in their art practice and art scholarship resulted in a short piece on ‘becoming with plants’ presented at the SEI ‘nature feelz’ symposium, 2022 (reworked as a photo essay for SEI magazine)..

Do Prado, P., Quinnell, R. and Summers, B. (2023). Becoming with plants: expanding our capacity to feel in place. Overwhelmed: Ecological emotions and the climate crisis, Sydney Environment Institute: 42-47.